Body language is important as well both for the interviewer

I don know about it being dominated by men as such, but I think that if you read any script you find a preponderance of male parts, in all shapes and sizes Canada Goose Sale, but the women are still very much pigeon holed into roles like young beauty, the girlfriend, the mother whenever I read a script and it says mother I always go yes the beige blob in the corner! It just says something. I think it might be changing now, it is very slowly changing and you notice it now a bit more. But I just think that it an age old thing, maybe it because not enough women are writing or directing.

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canada goose clearance I agree with this, first impressions are everything. One small mistake and it could ruin your chances of getting the job. Body language is important as well both for the interviewer and the interviewee because it tells how comfortable or nervous you are and you can tell what the interviewee thinks of the interviewer by looking at them. canada goose clearance

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