In a statement late Tuesday, Cressey said the flag will be

When she worked a regular day job, she found herself exhausted all the time and spent the weekends sleeping. Now, she sets her own schedule. More control over her life and time led to more control over her body. KENNEBUNK The gay pride flag raised by the Gay Straight Trans Alliance (GSTA) Club at Kennebunk High School has been taken down less than a week after it was flown at the request of a transgender student who Principal Sue Cressey said was uncomfortable with the media attention.Cressey said what was intended as a show of unity and support for all students at the school, quickly became with media outlets calling district officials and students asking if they were trying to make a political statement. In a statement late Tuesday, Cressey said the flag will be displayed inside the school, and will continue to support all students.”A Twitter post by the Group, a new grassroots club that operates outside of the school Canada Goose Outlet, showing a short video of the flag raising ceremony went viral last Friday. KHS is said to be the first school in the state to fly a gay pride flag.The GSTA Club has existed at KHS for many years and it supports gay Canada Goose Sale, straight Canada Goose Online, and transgender students.

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