The wreckage was found roughly 100km south of the North Sinai

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Smooth the scrub into your skin using quick back and forth motions. After drying off, coat the palm of your hand with a body oil. Rub your hands together, then smooth the oil over areas with cellulite. “Up until the crash happened, we were never informed of any faults in the plane, nor did we receive any SOS calls,” he said. Ayman al Muqadem, of the Aviation Incidents Committee, said the pilot had asked to divert to the nearest airport.FlightRadar24, a flight tracking service based in Sweden, said the Metrojet Airbus had begun to descend rapidly at a rate of about 6000ft per minute.”It was climbing quite normally when, after 23 minutes, it passed 30,000ft and suddenly started to lose speed,” said Mikail Robertson, of FlightRadar24. He said the plane “started to drop very fast”, then “after about 20 seconds we lost the signal from this aircraft”.A senior Egyptian air traffic control official said the pilot told him in their last communication that he had radio trouble.Russian aviation official Sergei Izvolsky told Interfax news agency that the aircraft did not make contact as expected with Cyprus air traffic control.The wreckage was found roughly 100km south of the North Sinai town of El Arish, Egyptian officials said.Debris and bodies were spread over an area of about 7sq km.

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