Then again, that might be exactly the motivation of many of

Should there be elections in Iraq

I have noticed that a lot of people are against the election of a religious leader. This position is very ethnocentric: just because our ideal of government is secular does not mean that it is the best. I canada goose clearance sale may work just canada goose uk outlet fine for Iraqis (after all, Hussein’s government was secular). The majority canada goose coats on sale of canada goose store people on this site seem to be overlooking certain vital issues that must be addressed before a fair, legitimate election can be canada goose uk shop held. First and foremost Canada Goose Outlet Policing ballot boxes to Canada Goose Coats On Sale insure against the same people voting several times, insuring that all voters remain anonymous as to avoid persecution for there decision, and insuring security at voting locations. With out these basic needs being met you can’t even begin to address all the other important issues of an election.

There should be elections in Iraq, but only once the country is in canada goose factory sale a better state. canada goose coats We should not let a religious leader rule Iraq. Also we should not bow to pressure from weak hypocrite countries whose ideas of protecting the world is by sticking there heads in the Canada Goose Jackets sand and pretending that there is no threat. As for the WMDs I don’t believe they are in Iraq now, Saddam already had them moved out of the country. He had 12 years!

Baz, UK

It’s totally ridiculous. How can you plan an election while people are still being killed?

Alvin Gahimbaze, Bristol

There should be elections in Iraq as soon as it can be shown they will be fair and open to Canada Goose Parka all. International monitors are needed to ensure the people are not forced to vote for canada goose uk black friday any one person or Canada Goose Online party. Also canada goose clearance the monitors need to ensure the votes are counted fairly. The Iraqis need to take getcanadagooseoutlet control of their country and have a say in who leads it as soon as possible. For all the decades the Iraqi people suffered under Saddam and uk canada goose had no voice, it’s understandable they want to exercise their right to freely vote as soon as possible. Voting will help the Iraqis put the past behind them as they take part in building a new Iraq.

Chris Josephson, Boston, MA; USA

The key point is that the new Iraqi government should not be led by a religion leader. The early election may cause this happen. People can not change themselves but only by themselves. Whether it be for the better canada goose or for the worse, lessons should be learned. Committing the same mistake is stupidity. So for those who are non Iraqis, please I beg on you, set them free.

Jun Radam, Cotabato buy canada goose jacket cheap City, Philippines

I canada goose black friday sale think canadian goose jacket there should cheap canada goose uk be an election in Iraq. When we criticize dictatorship and talk about Canada Goose online democracy, we should at least show some means that leads to real democracy in Iraq. At least to cover our mistakes over there.

May Alamiri, Los Angeles, US

Elections now would reflect the wish of the majority of the population and that for sure cannot be accepted in Bush version of democracy outside US. Hardly even in Blair’s “Labour” democracy. So no elections. They would only disturb the plans and intentions of the occupiers. Otherwise as we all understand, elections are very nice things to have, uk canada goose outlet when possible.

Vitsin Murja Sen, Vientiane, Laos

The US and British occupation buy canada goose jacket has rendered any process illegal and premature; first the invaders should leave Iraq; let the Iraqis sort their problems. The UN has lost credibility, at least when it comes to Iraq; they should stay out.

Aristides Garcia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I think the best solution is to divide the Sunnis, the Shiites, and the Kurds, and have three elections. Create canada goose black friday sale something like the EU, or the old city states of ancient Greece. And let the people all have a stake in the profits of the Canada Goose sale oil.

Ferry Rouw, The Hague, the Netherlands

After WWII how long did it take before Germany and Japan had elections? The delay was not to deny the people of those nations democracy, but to prevent those that had sympathized and longed for the old and evil ways from regaining control. Same applies here in Iraq. Have elections too soon, and we will have gone to war for nothing. Then again, that might be exactly the motivation of many of those calling for these early elections, so they can point and say: “You see it was a bad idea”. Lets not give cheap Canada Goose these horrible people who would rather see people of the Middle East continue to suffer simply so they can claim they were right.

Alex L, Harford, CT, USA

No, I don’t think now is the right time. UN should be there to take full control of the country until Iraqis are certain which type of democracy they wish to follow. US should stay out of the process and I believe British should assist.

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