His wife had already moved here with their children and was

“I found this house online while still living in Italy,” said Mosca, who had just taken a buyout from his job in international banking at age 56 and was renovating their Roman home in anticipation of selling and moving to Canada.His wife had already moved here with their children and was renting a place while taking a hotel and restaurant management course. She had also worked in international banking and was an experienced sommelier.Mosca had spent 35 years in finance, which involved a lot of travel, and Dosselli was an expert in Swift computer networks, which make electronic transfers between banks.”We were both on the go all the time,” said Dosselli, who was responsible for training bank staff from Scandinavia to South Africa Prada Replica, but also worked in the United States, Russia and the Far East.”I was based in Rome but also travelled a lot, so we dated in airports,” said Mosca, noting they courted in London, Madrid, Brussels, Frankfurt and New York. After three years of peripatetic romance Replica Prada handbags, they took postings in Singapore replicapradabagsonsale.com, where they married and lived for six years, and where their children were born.Then it was back to Rome, but after 10 years, they developed itchy feet again, “and being in banking, I knew something very heavy was coming so wanted to get out of Italy and take our girls where they would have a future,” he said.Their near century old Victoria house showcases all those years of international travel and collecting, with everything from Tibetan carpets and Indian furniture to a Russian matryoshka doll made by one of Dosselli’s students.Since changing continents, they have also changed careers.Dosselli is now assistant manager of the Fairmont Empress hotel’s gold floor, and Mosca has returned to an early love of cooking.”I have had the passion since age 14 and collected many family recipes, but I needed the technique, so I took night classes in Rome for nine months before coming here.”He now teaches at a Victoria cooking school, does private catering and started an Italian food import business called Veritalia.The two are also keen volunteers.

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Prada Replica Bag “I fell in love with teaching,” she said. “I plan to continue to travel and teach all over the country.”Soave also sells her own line of products and cake kits on Amazon.Cheryl Holloway Prada Bags Replica, a Holland Oaks resident, took classes from Soave on and off for two years just for fun. “Because of Ginger, I’m able to bake a cake that is someone’s favorite dessert and tell their story with a design,” Holloway said Prada Replica Bag.

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