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John Naguibis an Office Servers and Services MVP. He’s also a Solution Architect and Senior Consultant, with a deep knowledge ofSharePoint. John is uk canada goose a recognized expert within the IT canadian goose jacket industry, as he’spublished several gold award articles on Microsoft TechNet blogs andspokenat several events. Always discovering, always growing, her values are most important canada goose black friday sale to her. Her broad knowledge about IT and Business give her the ability to communicate on both levels and convey meaningful requirements and narrow the (ever present) gap between the two.

Her passion is to empower people, and therefore canada goose clearance training and change management lie close to her heart. Her Mission is to positively impact what and canada goose clearance sale how people create, as she believes that what we design/create, designs/creates us back (Ontological Design). Mia Chang of the Technical Committee served as the Technical Reviewer of this piece.

On December 13th 2017, Microsoft announced the general availability of the Azure Bot Service. In a nutshell, the Azure Bot Service helps you build conversational applications. If you’re new to chatbots, think of them as something like apps, except they excel in situations where conversation is more natural. A great example of this is Frequently canada goose Asked Questions (FAQs).

Think of all the times you’ve visited a product FAQ and encountered many pages of information. The volume of data and time it takes to hunt for an Canada Goose sale answer can take a while. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask someone who knows the answer right away? This is a good scenario for a chatbot. You can ask a question in plain language and receive an buy canada goose jacket answer.

This post shows how easy it is to build a chatbot FAQ with Canada Goose Coats On Sale the Azure Bot Service:

The approach

There are different tools available to accomplish building a chatbot, and this section describes the Canada Goose Parka choices. We’ll use C. We could also use the Azure Bot Service tools built into Azure, or canada goose store use the Bot Builder SDK with Visual Studio. I’ll be using the latter strategy, using the Visual Studio canada goose uk outlet Bot Application project template.

This chatbot will cheap Canada Goose use the Microsoft QnA Maker service, which helps automate the FAQ. Later, I’ll show how to import an existing FAQ, streamlining the canada goose uk black friday process of getting data into the QnA Maker. The particular FAQ will be for my open source project, LINQ to Twitter, a LINQ provider for the Twitter API.

Setting up the chatbot project

To get started, you’ll need to install the Bot Application project template, which you can find on Microsoft’s Bot Builder Quick Start page. We’ll also Canada Goose online be using the Bot Dialog template in this post. Once you have the project and item templates installed, open Visual Studio and select File New Project. Select the Bot Application project, name your project (I called mine LinqToTwitterFAQ), and click OK. Make sure your project builds. Next, update NuGet packages, by right clicking the project and and selecting Canada Goose Online Update NuGet packages. Go to the Updates tab and update all the packages to get Canada Goose Outlet the latest version of the Bot Builder SDK and related dependencies.

The Canada Goose Jackets QnA Maker is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services and is a REST API. This means you can access it via HTTP, using HttpClient canada goose uk shop or whatever your favorite library is for accessing a REST service. Rather than write all that code, this post takes advantage of a NuGet package that simplifies integrating QnA Maker with a Bot Builder chatbot. Note that the uk canada goose outlet code for this post works with v1.1.2 in Visual Studio 2017 canada goose factory sale so, if something changes in the future, you might need to adjust your cheap canada goose uk software versions to get this to work.

Like much of the other software that Microsoft produces these days, the Cognitive Services libraries are open source, which you can find on the Bot Builder Cognitive Services GitHub page. Now buy canada goose jacket cheap the chatbot project is ready for adding QnA Maker code. Before doing that, lets set up the QnA Maker FAQ. To get started, sign in and click on the Create new service tab. The following Figure shows the Creating a QnA service page, after filling in a couple fields:

In the Creating a QnA service page, SERVICE NAME is a unique name for the canada goose coats FAQ, I used LINQ to Twitter FAQ. QnA Maker gives you three ways to create the FAQ: via a web page URL, uploading a file, or manually entering questions and answers.

The FILES option lets you upload a file in various formats, like tab separated variable, PDF, MS Word, or Excel. Whether you use a URL or file, QnA Maker infers which lines canada goose coats on sale are questions and which lines are the answers. QnA maker is very smart at this, as the LINQ to Twitter FAQ has questions formatted in Markdown like this:.

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