PASADENA Students from across the county converged at the Pasadena

PASADENA Students from across the county converged at the Pasadena Convention Center on Friday to show off their inner Einstein at the 61st annual Los Angeles County Science Fair. More than 1,500 students packed the venue, vying for a shot at the California Science Fair in May. While the brain power in the room represented the best the county has to offer in terms of science prowess, the contest’s judges were more interested in effort. More cheap nhl jerseys money to afford another generation of urban children the benefit of pre K. The feds reward the state for pre K dollars already well spent. And a new Atlantic City attraction. NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) Drivers in Louisiana have the unenviable distinction of paying more for insurance than in any other state. They also drive in a state with one of the highest fatality rates in the country.”The white truck hit us in the back and forced us into the Acura,” said accident victim Stephanie Cunningham.It’s happened four times to Micah Boswell since moving here from Arkansas five years ago.”There was one when I was driving down the interstate, and a diesel sideswiped my car,” Boswell said.They accidents that require thousands of dollars of repair work, feeding into a problem that has Louisiana tops in the nation.Louisiana drivers pay an average of $1,280 a year for insurance, about a third more than the national average.”We work a crash every two minutes, we work an injury crash every seven point cheap nfl jerseys china five minutes, and a fatality crash every 12 hours,” said Trooper Evan Harrell with Louisiana State Police.With a fatality rate of three people for every 200,000 miles driven, Louisiana roads are the sixth most dangerous in the country.Part of the problem could be a post Katrina reality. The state has grown since the storm and now has about three percent more drivers than it did five years ago, putting more cars on the road, and more people in harm’s way.”You’re always going to see more crashes cheap nhl jerseys when you see more vehicles on the roadway,” Harrell said.One of Micah Boswell’s hit and run accidents involved a car parked on Amelia St.”The worst one was right here. Lowater says it cost just under 4,000 dollars to repair some of the damage. Xtreme Motorsports is just one of the three businesses that officials say were shot at. Joe Bowe Motors and another business along State Highway 124 were all shot at as well. Both the 50mm and 70 200mm are must haves, but for your third lens you have some choices. These following three lenses are all really great, and each is a fantastic value. Pick whichever one sounds like something you like to try or just go all out, and get the lot.

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