“The idea that nuclear power is clean defies common sense.

“The idea that nuclear power is clean defies common sense. Government Accountability Office? Of course not. The Toshiba Westinghouse AP 1000 reactors under construction at Southern Company’s Plant Vogtle and SCANA’s VC Summer at South Carolina are at least 39 months delayed, with more delays expected. Illustrations by Jandos RothsteinCall it the value menu phenomenon. When McDonald’s figured out that there was good money to be made getting customers to spend an extra buck or two on bigger fries or a drink, they were just doing what almost every restaurant already does specialize in oversized meals for excessive prices. To pay $15 (or more) for 1,500 calories than it is to find just enough palatable fuel to get you through an afternoon at work. It is, however, pretty delicious. The noodles are hand pulled and tender, the soups are savory but the real draw is the soup dumplings, mostly because they hard to come by in North Brooklyn. A plus: there are six varieties of soup dumpling to choose from even one for your vegan pals (because remember, we in Williamsburg).292 Grand St. It’s better outdoors on a sunny day and join the FAST NOON BIKE RIDE with Bike Friday (3364 W11th, M F); see if you can pass guys twice your age. Let’s do LUNCH. How about CHOW FUN, $8.50 at Ocean Sky (18th and Chambers), the best juicy wholesale football jerseys flat rice noodle, Or PIZZA: Try a margarita slice $2.75, or Caesar+slice+slurp $6.50 at Bene (Lincoln and West Broadway), outstanding thin crust, pity their soda fountain is uninspiring. He is a community minded individual that is a great asset to our community. Send in your nominations throughout the year, and every month we will be printing one or two of these nominations as a little extra recognition for titanium Fork a business that went the Extra Mile. The 2013 Wetaskiwin Business Awards would not be possible without the support of ATB Financial, BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Joint Economic Development Initiative, RBC wholesale nfl jerseys Royal Bank, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, and the Wetaskiwin Credit Union. Environmental Protection Agency standards require household radon levels to stay below 4 picocuries per liter.Sisneros tested this Cedar Rapids home at 5.6 picocuries, though he seen levels as high as 40.”If there any cracks or crevices in the foundation of the house, or in the cement floor, or even in the sump, radon is pushed and forced into the house,” said Sisneros.When that happens, he can provide a different path for the radon to escape safely into the atmosphere. “We drill a small hole through the cement cheap jerseys and get down into the soil, and we start drawing air out through there.”That air is channeled through pipes that Sisneros installs, which lead to the outside of the home. There, he attaches a fan that runs 24 cheap jerseys hours a day, creating a vacuum to draw out the gas.

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